Enduro With Mee

Race prep for your upcoming race. 
How to get the most out of the stages, when to go fast, when to hold back and when to really let it go.!
Race style, race lines and conserving momentum are key to a great result. 
 This is putting my money where my mouth is.
I've had great results in races and enduro really suits my style.
Steady on the ups, chatting with your mates, ready to blast the stages giving 110%..!
This course enables you to check your Enduro skills just before an event. 
We run these at any time, using whatever knowledge we have about the event you want advice on. 
It's all about being the fastest just where you need to. Where to save energy, where it makes a difference, where it doesn't and raving smart. 
Skills taught on these days are tailored to your needs. If you want help getting round a corner fast, over a drop, off a jump or anything else to help you get the right result then this is the course for you.

New Dates and prices will be added shortly 

please email us for any info you require andrew@ridewithmee.co.uk