Set Mee Up

This covers all the fundamentals.
Whether you have been riding for years or just getting into the sport this session allows you to ride with more confidence. Starting from the word go we take you through each stage and get you riding relaxed and with a sense of courage, ready to attack instead of stiffen up.
Topics covered in this session include:
Bike set up: getting your bike set up right is crucial. Saddle height, bar height, bar roll, reach, brake position, suspension settings and tyre pressure all have a MASSIVE effect on how you ride andhow well you can ride after the course..
Body position: once we have your bike set up right, we want to get you set up correctly. This is the foundation for confident riding. Once you are in the right position you can react to anything, ride without fear and feel great about every trail situation.
Track stands: essential balance and body position skill.
Cornering: lots of variation on this and we will cover all variations. Flat corners, berms, grippy, slippy, rough, smooth, soon you will be railing corners like, well, like you're on rails..!
Wheelie: balance and confidence.
Front wheel lift: dropping or clearing obstacles with confidence.
Manual: extension of above.
Bunny Hop: clearing obstacles

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