Thanks very much for today, I definitely felt I'd improved by the end of it. Quite tired now too, so I think the right amount of riding done. I haven't compared notes with Vic, but it struck me that this is the first time I've left a course not feeling a bit demoralised. I've always felt I've learnt something, but I've also felt like I've come away feeling like I've also learnt how much more I still need to learn - like the top of the mountain is getting further away, not nearer.
Maybe that's because I can't recall you saying anything that I wasn't doing - like 'you're not getting x enough' or 'you're not doing x thing' - but instead just reinforced what I should be doing 'you need to be more x', or 'try and do x thing'. Positives rather than negatives? So you feel you're working towards something instead of being told what you're not achieving? So I think that works well 🙂

Lee Quarry

Great Sunday afternoon with Andrew. Really helped me get all the basics dialed in, which together transformed my riding, a lot smoother and faster.

Definitely booking another session soon.

Thanks Andrew!

Phillips Park

had an afternoon session with Andy at gisburn forest today. didn't have much expectation to improve myself, but boy how wrong I was. been riding for around 3 years with basic skills such as falling off a lot, walking down tricky bits a lot and over all cowardice in anything remotely technical. by the end of the afternoon I was hitting berms at speed and grip, jumping over drop offs and jumps with my back tyre landing first and overall massive improvement in riding skills. I will definitely recommend this course and will be going back for many more sessions in the near future. Thanks Andy you have so made my day!!


Had an absolutely brill day. Totally changed my riding style and I was doing things on the bike that I USED to watch some othe riders do. Berms, drop offs, jumps; bring it on!! Thanks Andy.


Big thank you to Andrew Mee for the morning's coaching session, well recommend him as got a lot out of it, taking it back to basics and got me riding down things I would never do in these conditions normally (even if one go was a little "English style" and more by luck than judgement that I didn't come off! Ha ha) but always gave me to confidence to go back and have another crack explaining where I had gone wrong. Gave me lots of useful advice on skills to practice and will definitely be back for follow up sessions!
Also to show I did take some of it in got some PB's at the end of the session when totally knackered just by taking better lines and already having the confidence to push the bike harder

Whitfield Manchester

So I did a morning with Mr Andrew Mee as a bit of a skill assessment / coaching / training day. Met at Philips Park just off the M60 Whitefield, it was damp, cold and greasy!
We started with the basics, position, stance etc, then moved on to a bit of flow, then cornering, then steep slippy decents, then finished with a bit of jumping.
Got to say Andrew, it all made perfect sense, you broke it down, made it easy to digest, and then the session-ing to bed it in was ace.
Andrew, good luck with the coaching venture, you can deff book me in for once a quarter for a refresher /skills building morning if that's okay!
Thanks again for taking a Sunday am out to help me, very much appreciated


Great session today! Good variety of skills covered in one afternoon. Confidence has just gone +1
Looking forward to the next one!


After only 2hrs of tuition I felt my riding had improved ten fold, I am a novice MTB rider and always find the chicken run round things but after this course I feel more confident when approaching obsticals and drops. I can honestly say I will be spending more of my hard earned cash with Ride With Mee to improve my riding even further.


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