Teach Mee

 Core Skills

Foundation course teaching core skills.
Bike set up, body position, looking ahead, ready to attack and ride with confidence. 
It's all about flow, style and essentially more speed.
Whether you are a beginner or time served wanting to up your game, this is the course for you. Get this right and the magic starts to happen.!


Cornering Skills and Flow

Carve turns with more speed and confidence.
Flat corners, berms, rough, slippy, it's all covered. 
Learn to rail turns and ride with more speed and not slip or stumble.
This is the course for progressing once you have your foundation dialled, getting more speed from the bike and flowing with confidence.
This course is all about staying on the bike.!


Jumps, Drops and Airtime

Wether it's simply getting the wheels off the ground or clearing doubles and gap jumps we can take you through every aspect and get you flying with confidence and style.
Reading the terrain ahead and clearing obstacles when needed, riding faster and smoother than ever, able to cope with whatever is round the next blind corner.

Enduro Race Prep

Race prep for your upcoming race. 
How to get the most out of the stages, when to go fast, when to hold back and when to really let it go.! Can be booked for the practice session or in the weeks before the event.
Race style, race lines and conserving momentum are key to a great result. 

One 2 One

Custom tailored to your needs. Book the time, place and duration to suit you. 
We cover the topic you want to work on, making sure you get exactly what you want from this session. If you don't know what level of course to book, want the extra attention a private course gives or simply want to get more out of the experience, this course is perfect.

We offer one hour refreshers or all day tutorials, the choice is yours. 

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Follow Up

Whats Next.?   Done a course and want to move to the next level.? Want to keep your skill level topped up.? Want to simply make sure you haven't slipped back into those bad habits.? Follow Up's are for anyone wanting to maintain their newfound skills.

Book a Follow Up course to take things further or refresh your skills learnt previously.

Custom like our 121 courses, superflexible and taylored for you.

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